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About Us

Your Child Is in Great Hands

Philosophy & Goals

“Play is the work of the child” – Maria Montessori

Children need to have freedom and some structure, to Learn, Explore, and Play.


My goals for each child that comes to Palmer’s Heavenly Hearts Family Childcare are….

  • To enjoy his/her day and look forward to coming back

  • To provide them with a safe, secure, loving environment

  • For the children’s days to be happy ones filled with learning fun and experiences

  • To teach children how to be good people by respecting each other, using manners, and caring about others

  • To give them the time, materials and support to allow them to explore, create and discover

  • Prepare them for preschool or kindergarten​

With all the goals outlined above Palmer's Heavenly Hearts main goal is to nurture every child based on their specific needs. We believe that family childcare helps foster emotionally secure interpersonal relationships for every​ everyone involved. 

Ages Served~Learning Experiences & Playtime

Ages Served

We welcome all children including children with disabilities or special health care needs. The ages of the children that I care for are 6 weeks up though school age. 

Learning Experiences and Playtime

Attending Palmer’s Heavenly Hearts Family Childcare LLC should be an enjoyable experience for the child as well as the parent. While at child care your child will be exposed to many kinds of learning experiences including:


Active play: running, jumping, climbing, riding, and other use of large muscles.

Quiet play: reading, stringing, coloring, etc.

Cooperative or social play: games and activities that involve more than one person.

Solitary play: drawing, dreaming, or any activity that involves only one person.

Manipulative play: putting together puzzles, building with blocks, cutting and pasting, or any activity that involves eye-hand coordination or fine motor skills.

Creative play: painting, molding, solving problems, making music, telling stories, or any activity that involves a child’s imagination.

Dramatic play: dress-up, make-believe, or any play that involves pretending.

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